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  • Crowd Control and Event Management
  • Concierge Services
  • Patrols and Static Guarding
  • Valuables and Asset Protection
  • Cash in Transit and Cash Handling

Crowd Control and Event Management

ICP has the most qualified and affordable crowd control and event management staff in Western Australia. No matter what type of event you are planning, we have officers trained to keep the situation safe and under control.

Our key features which make us your best choice for effective crowd control:

All of our crowd control officers are fully certified and hold a current International Police Clearance and First Aid Certificate. Many of our officers are also accredited with White Card (Construction site), RSA, OHS, and Paramedic qualifications. They are highly experienced at different methods of crowd control tailored to the particular venue.

With the growing demand for and the popularity of female officers ICP can provide mature, highly competent and experienced female officers.

All of our crowd control officers undergo specialised training for this distinctive type of security and are able to effectively manage crowds at all types of venues, including but not limited to: liquor licenses, corporate functions, political or business meetings, sporting events as well as private parties.

Because ICP is dedicated to on-going training to improve the performance and results of all officers, senior management perform weekly recorded venue and events checks. ICP will appoint a Supervisor at the venue or event and all ICP officers are given a site induction by a member of senior management before they commence.

All of our officers have excellent communication skills and are trained to use appropriate force only when necessary.

Our diverse and multi-cultural staff are comprised of a range of nationalities, religions and age groups so that we have personnel suitable to cover all types of events.

ICP provides staff training workshops on Security Procedures and Working with Security.

Concierge Services

ICP can provide professionally presented officers with good customer service skills. Our professional officers will meet and greet customers and attend to your guests’ requests in the right direction for their needs.

Patrols and Static Guarding

Available 24/7 our security officers are trained, briefed and supervised. Many ICP officers hold a current Working With Children’s card, a white card (Construction site), and are OHS qualified and trained ensuring that they can provide a quality service relevant to your business needs.

  • Construction sites
  • Pharmacies
  • Retail and Shopping Centres
  • Building Security – Hotels and Concierge
  • Exhibitions and Events
  • Mobile Patrols Alarm Response
  • Private Homes

Valuables and Asset Protection

Uniformed, highly visible security will keep your valuables and property secure from theft, squatting or vandalism by intruders.

Our key features which make ICP the most vigilant static guard providers:

All of our static security officers are screened to meet our stringent selection criteria then specifically trained to protect you and your property from harm.

Our guards are always well presented and trained to deal with both our clients and the general public in a polite and professional manner. They are trained to be effective communicators in all circumstances whether they are dealing with the public, young people, police officers or suspected offenders.

At ICP we also train all of our static security officers in essential related administrative skills including but not limited to: accurate note taking, compiling precise statements, collecting evidence in an effective manner as well as proper preparation of prosecution briefs for the police.

Our static officers are always kept up to date on changes to state and federal legislation which may affect their duties, the correct procedures to follow when compiling evidence for prosecution after an incident occurs, as well as proper offender profiling and intelligence gathering techniques to use in the course of their work.

All of our officers are kept current on the laws, limitations and correct procedure for conducting searches of vehicles, bags and the person of any suspected perpetrators.

Cash in Transit and Cash Handling

ICP offers the most effective and reliable insured cash protection services in the Perth metropolitan area. Our cash related services include, but are not limited to: bank deposits, cash escort services, cash replenishments, change funds, coin delivery as well as an on-going daily pick up service.

Our key features which make us the most reliable cash handling service for your needs:

Our cash handling officers provide unsurpassed security and logistics solutions keeping your valuables and money safe so that you can concentrate on your core operating activities; increasing your productivity.

Our expert officers will take all available measures to reduce and eliminate your exposure to risk. By promptly removing your excess cash from your premises, your businesses will become much less attractive targets to prospective criminals.

All of our cash handling officers undergo extensive training programs to protect our clients, their vehicles, our clients' cash as well as themselves.

We tailor our services to all of our clients' individual cash handling needs, whether you are a large multinational corporation or a small business or organisation.

Our cash handling services can also be undertaken in a covert and discreet fashion so as not to attract unwanted attention.

By hiring ICP you will reduce your operational costs by placing your cash handling tasks in our capable hands and at the same time eliminate the risk of your staff being injured or put in harm's way.

We also have the expertise to transport and safely deliver other items of monetary or intrinsic value to you including diamonds, valuables and security boxes.

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